How School ERP System helps organisation to go paperless?

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How School ERP System helps organisation to go paperless?

As per the records the paper consumption of our nation is 13 million tones which is shockingly quite low than it’s global peers and is reportedly is set to rise from 13MT to 20MT and that’s something to worry about. Cutting down woods to make paper is not a new subject matter to talk about it is already an issue at a global level. 32 billion is quite a big amount and that’s how many sheets schools consume per year. Innovative techniques like the enterprise resource planning system aka ERP System are the lifesavers here, where one can digitalize their organisation’s databases even day to day tasks into user friendly software’s that manage accounting, procurement, project management and everything you can think on including resource management digitally, making the process PAPERLESS.

There are numerous factors you should invest and switch to an ERP system, like –
• Parents can access their wards academic records anywhere and could receive important notifications directly from the school increasing the transparency between parents and the institution, building trust.
• Administrative operations are facilitated by such easy to access real-time data and information about the institution increasing productivity and efficiency.
• With the enactment of school automation, teachers would save time and can invest more in learning while all the time consuming tasks like record keeping and assignment distribution would be taken care of, digitally.
• Students can individually log into the portal download their assignments and homework, paying fees and save their time.
• Ensures a 100% precision with advanced features specially curated for regulating management tasks.

One of the flagship points of this School ERP System is it connects everyone on one platform that’s connected to the organisation making information exchange easier and more reliable, making the paperwork minimal yet more accurate with regulated operations in the system.

Bridging the gap between the various stakeholders – campus, administrator, school, employees, students and parents, Campus on Click is one of this kind a smart school management system that offers cutting-edge ERP features for an end-to-end operations management, irrespective of the institute’s size.
We make sure that our end users don’t face complexity of any sort while using our system; we have been providing School ERP System which can be used by any common person, irrespective of how technologically sound they are” says founder of Campus On Click.  

‘Saving the planet with less paper consumption while modernising your school’s way of working’ is what makes you a modern school that cares for the planet.

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