Linode’s 10th Data Center Location : Mumbai, India

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Linode's 10th Data Center Location : Mumbai, India

Linode, American owned public cloud provider has started it’s 10th data center location in Mumbai to reach out world’s fastest growing developer community. Linode was founded in 2003, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States with almost 8,00,000 customers worldwide.


“Linode already had thousands of clients in India, and having a Indian data center would help them expand the client base” said Linode India, Director, Ashwin Kumar.

Prior to this, Indian clients was using Singapore and Tokyo data center to fulfil their hosting needs with latency of 70ms or more. Now users will get lowest latency with local data center. India is the highest demanded location for cloud services.

In Asia Pacific, India is second fastest growing market for cloud services behind China. India’s cloud market is expected to grow more than $4 billion by 2020. Linode has invested 5 million USD to start Indian Operations.

Linode has strategically selected Mumbai as preferred location rather than Bangalore or New Delhi as North Indian customers will comparatively face high latency (Approx 40ms) on DigitalOcean Bangalore location and similarly South Indian customers will face high latency (Approx 40ms) on E2ENetworks New Delhi location.


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  • Shehzad

    Very nice explaination. Thanks!
    One question in my mind, Which is better Linode, E2E or Digital Ocean?

    • webopediamaster

      Happy to see you like our content 😊
      All 3 providers are reliable and very good in terms of support (as all are self managed cloud provider).
      We will write separate blog for detailed comparation with real testing and let you know!