Reasons to use flat file CMS

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Reasons to use flat file CMS

Are you a businessman and running a business on the internet? So flat file CMS is the best option that you can use to manage your website.

In this fast-growing world where every minute is precious, businesses need to create a website that can be accessed in just a few seconds. Managing the content digitally is not an easy task. Flat file CMS is the best in managing.

A flat file is a CMS is a content management system that stores data in files and does not require any database at all. It queries the data from text files. Flat file CMS is small and light-weighted.

The reasons to use flat file CMS are as follows –

1. Lightweight and Small

The flat file CMS is so light weighted that it is very easy to move around from one server to another. The flat files are so small that you have never got 500 flat file websites on your USB stick at once and put them anywhere you like because there is no database to worry about.

2. Secured and Reliant

The flat file CMS is the most secure content management system. As you know the fewer the files you have they require less protection. In today’s time everything from keeping the personal information to money is being digitalized so there is a high risk of getting your data stolen. Thus in this perspective flat file CMS is a bit secured. It is said in the previous point that there are fewer moving parts thus more reliable.

3. Back-end User Interface

The interface of the Flat file CMS is simple and easy to use. Marketers, yourself, or your team can easily and quickly edit the content, update, create new pages, and can add articles without even getting any training about it.

4. Less Expensive

The flat file CMS is less expensive as compared to the Content management system that requires large and highly protected databases. Most of the flat file CMS is available free of cost. You can easily download them and make your business website in such a way that attracts people with your business.

Examples of flat file CMS include Grav, Bolt, Monstra, Pico, Automad, Kirby, RazorCMS, Yellow, and many more. So if you are thinking of using a content management system then it is advisable that you start with flat file CMS as is easy to use and made for creating simple websites. You can check out Flat File CMS instead of WordPress like Traditional CMS.

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