Top 3 YouTube Alternatives amid Indo-China Border Skirmish

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Top 3 YouTube Alternatives amid Indo-China Border Skirmish

You may not be aware that just watching videos can disclose a chunk of information about you. Your all-time friend Google just knows everything about what you like or dislike. It is high time that you take your privacy control on your hands and look for a YouTube alternative that does not store your data.

We agree YouTube is the most popular platform to watch free videos online. But it is both right and wrong to say that. It is the most likable but not the best! Here are the top 3 YouTube alternatives that are worth your time.

1. Vimeo

It can be a good option if you are looking for a new source of traffic. The video-sharing app has lots of users and is among the top choice on search engines. Vimeo is the brainchild of film-makers. So, it is a go-to option for creative minds. It works in just contrast to YouTube, focuses more on quality than quantity.

This tool is liked for

  •  Its high-definition video quality to publish without any compression.
  •  Personalized video frame to suit the specific set of audience.
  •  Enhanced privacy control to drive more traffic on your website.
  •  Easy customer service and forum activity.

It is viewed by approx. 170 million active users out of which 42 million comes from the United States.

2. Metacafe

Metacafe is an Israeli creation that is way old than Youtube. It offers a great system to house high-quality videos with no duplicates on its platform. They deal in short-length original videos of 90 seconds. You can find a range of videos in sports, movies, and news to entertainment and TV.

  • Monthly 2 million average users.
  • Producer Reward program lets you add revenue to your scoreboard.
  • Get paid up to $5 for 1,000 user visits.
  • Minimum 20,000 views to get entry into the paid program.

The video platform is used by over 40 million active users.

3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is also one of the key Youtube competitors with 112 million viewers a month. It offers a similar design, cool interface, and almost the same class of contents Youtube has. It is said to be the shady brother of Youtube but is quite popular in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

  • Promises better video quality.
  • Offers flexible laws and copyright policies.
  • Grants more tolerance for the video contents.

It attracts over 300 million users across the globe.

Last Thought

No matter what video application you use, explainer videos have better chances to attract more eyeballs. We hope the list of top Youtube alternatives is clear now. Choose today and use anyone of your choice.

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