Top Covid-19 precautions that you need to take while reopening of office

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Top Covid-19 precautions that you need to take while reopening of office

As We all are aware about Corona Virus Pandemic and new normal like social distancing, wearing mask, use of sanitiser and many more. Many of us might have to start going to our offices after a very long time. But going to offices is not similar as earlier as Our workplaces having shared spaces with many shared resources so We need to be more careful with some safety precautions.

Before resuming office operations, checkout below workplace safety measures :

1. Wear a face mask! Cover your whole nose and face with mask or face covers.
2. Wear a gloves! Gloves are as important as mask as it covers our hands which is crucial body part to transmit the virus.
You need to make sure that mask and gloves need replacement after some intervals.
3. Sanitiser! After touching any objects in workplace, use hand sanitiser or paper soap to hand your wash (20 seconds minimum). Also keep small sanitiser bottle with you for personal use.
4. Namaste! Do Namaste instead of shaking hands.
5. No touching! Do not touch your face, nose or mouth as it spread rapidly from there only.
6. No touching again! Do not touch any unnecessary objects even door handles, lift buttons, railing, walls, door knob or stairs. If you must have to do so, wash your hands immediately after touching it.
7. No outside eating! Immunity is most crucial part to prevent corona virus. Better to eat separately with a distance from others and carry your home made food. Wash your hands properly before eating anything.
8. Social Distancing! Keep social distancing all the time with your colleagues or any other persons whether you are in office, in parking area, in elevator or canteen.
9. Be careful while sneezing! Use hygienic handkerchief to cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
10. Carry your items! Better to carry your own stationery, glass, mug, spoon, charger or power bank instead of using it from office or pantry or borrowing it from someone from your team.
11. Natural Ventilation! Minimise usage of AC and increase percentage of outdoor air!
12. Private Vehicle! Use private vehicle if possible. If you are using shared transportation vehicle, maintain social distance or minimise touching of any nearby objects.
13. Temperature! Check all employees temperature before entering into workplace.
14. Asymptomatic only! Do not go the office if you are sick, having high temperature, cough, cold or show any sign of Covid-19 symptoms and do work from home. Also you should not go to the office, if your residence is in containment zone.
15. Isolate! Isolate yourself from other persons as soon as you know that you have Covid-19 symptoms.
16. Disinfect! Disinfect your desk, keyboard, laptop, desktop before starting your day to day work. Disinfect your mobile phone 2-3 times a day.
17. Take a bath! First thing after coming home, take a bath with warm water and soap. Put and wash you clothes separately from other family members.

Follow above guides to keep yourself and your loved once safe from corona virus. Make this new normal as your habit.

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