Top 3 WordPress Alternatives

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WordPress Alternatives

It is well known that WordPress is a substantial and accepted website amongst website builders for an adequate reason. From being user-friendly to powerful, WordPress has paved its way to build a satisfactory explanation to visit when one wants to build open-source content with various features. The issue here arises is that everyone wants to use WordPress without knowing about any other application which can be more beneficial to their organisation and probably serve quality and quantity features than WordPress.

Let us look at three start-up websites which serve a similar purpose but are considerably better than WordPress.

1. OctoberCMS

OctoberCMS is one big of an example which serves the same purpose as WordPress does but in a much better way. This is because OctoberCMS is an Open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework whose unique purpose is to make the development workflow as simple as possible.

The main features served by OctoberCMS include page components, extensible platform and simple AJAX framework. With their simplicity, modern design and flexibility, they are today leading self-hosted CMS platform on Laravel PHP Framework.

With more than 700+ themes and plug-ins, OctoberCMS today have thousands of happy customers using a digital studio for their organisations.

2. Hugo

Hugo is pretty fast working SEO software which has many features available for free of cost. Today, Hugo is considered to be the most popular open-source static site which gives users amazing flexibility in building websites.

With less than1 ms per page, the average website that Hugo builds in less than a second. Hugo ships with pre-made templates which make the SEO work convenient and lets users to output content in multiple formats including JSON or AMP.

Users are recommended to consider Hugo once before they land upon WordPress as we guarantee that they will be surprised to know to what speed Hugo does its work..

3. Ghost

Ghost is way cheaper to use than WordPress with more features where a user can expect every facility without paying a single penny extra.

Ghost is explicitly focused website on doing more and more publicity where the views of a website increase drastically and thereby helping users to again footfall at no extra cost. The rich editing option is designed merely around providing the best possible writing experience.

We believe that it is always important to look at a few options available and then pick the right one suitable as this can favour in the long term.

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