Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Cyber Security

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Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Cyber Security

Coronavirus is an epidemic due to which the whole world suffers a lot. Industries, Companies, Offices, Transportation, Shops, Malls, PVR, Tourist places, etc. everything closes due to the attack of coronavirus. The effect of this pandemic is also left its impact on cybersecurity as well because due to this people can’t go outside for performing their duties everyone is doing work from home. The things which not to allowed be shared digitally are now sharing because people have no choice and the attackers get the opportunity to hack the confidential information of people’s. So it is not safe for users but problem is that we don’t have any alternative option for this without internet work from home is not possible. Now cyber attackers are finding two different ways for cyber-attack one is malicious email attack. And the other one is attacked which is on credentials of the remote users now in this pandemic they are choosing these ways for hacking.

What is a malicious email attack?

As the employees got the instructions from company or owners that due to the dangerous Coronavirus we are giving you orders to go back to your homes safely and do work from home so none of our employees came under this trap of corona and our work also not suffers. So as they are doing work from home so they are using more emails as earlier because all the direction and instructions are sending and taking with the help of email only so the Cynet revealed that there are more than 21% emails which are having an attachment link in it are a trap or cyber attackers and now people are coming under this trap due to all work is done by sharing information on mail. So all peoples must be aware of this and do your work safely so you and your company don’t have to suffer later.

Compromising Users' credentials remotely

As employees are working from home due to Coronavirus so when they are doing work that wants connection so they use some devices for joining the connection. This kind of things was controlled earlier when our specialist of security are working in Security operation center(SOC) then they control the situation and the chances of data hack will be less but now when they are out of security operation center so cyber attackers have opportunity to hack more data easily.

High dependency on Digital Infrastructure

Due to this coronavirus pandemic the works which are done earlier with social interaction are nowadays shifted to the digital platform in the form of voice calls, video calls and the text messages as well and the UK declares the digital platform as a default mode of communication but they also aware the citizen about the cyber attacking that in this corona time cyber attackers have the opportunity to hack personal or private details of you to save yourself from this be aware and if you find any call and asking for your information then don’t share maybe you are next who gonna trap in this web of cyber attackers so be safe and shares this message to everyone as well. The recent news which we have found about the coronavirus impact on cybersecurity is that the cyber attackers hack the data of the U.S. Department of Health and Human services of CoronaVirus Statics Website Their main motive to hack this website has destroyed the structure of information flow and their operations as well.

Exploiting Uncertainty and Fear

As you all know that people are very worried about this pandemic because everything is changed due to this and no one can do anything and we also know that uncertainty was the first and fear was the second thing which makes any of the human being weak. Now when people are worried about Corona so it is normal if they have done any mistake and the cyber attackers take the benefits from your mistakes because when you are not attentive or aware and click mistakenly on malicious links then you have to face problems.

After all, these kinds of links are a web to trap you in it. Recently the report was coming about hackers that hacker finds a different way to hack information as they know this is corona time so what they do is they have hidden a piece of malware in that map which was displaying about the coronavirus statics daily so people are getting more affected by this hack because no one is aware of this and when you download the map your all information which is present in your device will be shared to the attackers within a seconds.

Preventive measures

As we all know that corona is a big pandemic which we all are facing and every person’s life is getting affected by this even the economy goes down and now we are facing the cyberattack as well. So we all know about the fact that every problem comes with its solutions so as we only have precautions as a solution of coronavirus same as this we only have preventive measures as a solution of cyber-attacks and these measures are as follows:

  1. ┬áDon’t ever trust one new and unofficial website because you never know about its security functions. The unofficial sites are monitored by cyber attackers so never rely on unofficial websites. For the news related to coronavirus only trust your country’s official website of the healthcare department.
  2. Be updated with the latest news and information shared by the World Health Organisation(WHO). Visited the original website of WHO don’t trust other websites. Always visit the official website of WHO.
  3. Don’t ever trust those phone calls which are asking about your personal information and saying this information is needful for preventing you from coronavirus don’t we again say don’t share your personal information when you receive these kinds of phone calls.
  4. Avoid clicking on any link or attachment.

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