Top Digital Advertising Trends in 2020

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Top Digital Advertising Trends in 2020

Digital advertising is an e-version of everything we have been noticing in the ad world so far. With contrasts like – flyers would be in PDF (Or jpg.) format instead of paper, billboard like ads will be pasted on websites where prospects will be directed through links and sign-ups, and radio broadcasts will be displaced by paid video ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Unlike traditional ways, digital advertisement allows you to marketize your brand on the platforms that your future clients use often through text, images, videos, etc. Ever since its birth in 1994, when first clickable ad was created, it has been becoming more flexible, universal, and ever-reaching. Whereas the analog methods are entropic, and lack result or effectiveness analysis of the cooked and deployed content, digital ads enable nurturing the target market until they have been won over.

Your competitors and prospective clients are online. Being digital makes it possible to dictate your brand’s story and to give the marketplace a chance to connect via empathy, and not just the product’s quality and services. With the availability of customer response insights, engagement level, buying cycle progress, and demographics, personalized campaign can be brewed with ease, to attract & impress buyers more relevantly. To keep you inside the loop, here are a few top digital advertising trends to look forward to in 2020 :

Programmatic advertising

Automated or programmed advertising refers to the use of real-time bidding (RTB), a server to server buying or selling of ad spaces on websites through an auction. It ensures higher conversion rates with the benefit of lower customer acquisition. You can customize your ads through Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

With programmatic advertising, you can easily track a campaign’s performance and whether it is being delivered to the target or not. The AI system analyses the optimum campaign that would yield best results wit each experience, and reduce the Cost per click, increasing ROI in the process.

Video marketing

It’s not a brand new trend, but it has certainly been seeing a substantial increase in popularity amongst the marketers. They provide an engaging and informative content format that proffers detailed product information and is deemed profitable as it tends to proliferate sales. Though professionally shot videos are preferred, but anyone can knit them even with a wee budget. Videos are a great way to get past the non-readers, and keeping them engaged for long enough to break the threshold value. Also, to cope up with competent advertising industry, it is necessary to equip the entire tool available, and video marketing is one of them.

Chatbot interaction

Advertisements integrated with chatbots aren’t just time saving, but also a great data acquirers, and can help your brand look professional. If a visitor desires to inquire, they can click on the button with CTA and will instantly be directed towards a chatbot which increases the chance of sales generation. Letting a bot coupled with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) handle the clients least probable of signing a deal and storing the data of the one’s actually interested, is a smart move.

Today, your response time affects your chances of prospect conversion. For an entrepreneur, time actually is ‘money’. According to Harvard Business Review’s study, a response period of less than an hour will skyrocket the chances of qualifying the lead by 7 times, as compared to those who replied in more than an hour. And 60 times more than the companies that made the client wait for 24+ hours.

Voice recognition

Marketing and advertising agencies will need to revamp their strategies for 2020 due to increased usage of voice search through smart speakers like Alexa, Siri, etc. Voice shopping is expected to grow from a 2 billion dollar $ industry to a spiffing 40 billion dollar $ industry. By studying and analyzing what people search for while voice shopping.

Streaming services are also entering the audio advertising by selling ads targeted to smart speaker home devices. Since voice recognition accuracy has been improved from 95 % to 99 %, this new way of advertising is a gold mine waiting to be explored.

Amazon ads

Many brands realized and grasped the opportunity to advertise on Amazon in 2019. Due to it hyper engagement with its customer in the initial buyer cycle, companies have converged to reap the revenue generating capabilities, and this trend is expected to continue in 2020 as well with Amazon improving its offerings. Unlike Google and Facebook, Amazon has an instant conversion rate, easy to track ad campaigns, and increased product visibility, this makes it a worthy investment for e-commerce websites.

Amazon is expected to transition and grow from a sales channel to a brand builder within the next few years. This is one of the reasons that brands are already looking forward to Amazon ads’ trend for 2020.


Google has recently updated its search algorithm, like the BERT system for analyzing the pattern of language used by people in searching. Ensuring that your website has fast loading time is crucial. Studies found that most of the customers will only wait for 2 seconds before leaving. Resonating with Google’s algorithm isn’t as important as having useful links and well-written content. Also, out bound marketing is way expensive than content marketing, and isn’t even as effective.

You SEO decides your content’s ranking on google search appearance pages. The higher you rank, more clicks and traffic you receive. Including the right keywords will proliferate it, but overusing them may lead to being panelized by Google. So, its mandatory to maintain a balance. SEO is important to keep the result fair as the users trust the search results.

In the end, for a venture to be successful, all of its components must work cohesively. Providing a quality product is as important as advertising it right! Change is important, keep clasping new trends as they emerge through the eternal battle of need and supply amongst the customers.

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