Is blogging better than video content?

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Is blogging better than video content?

Blogging or vlogging where is the future? Why should I invest time in writing content?
These are some of the questions that come to our mind when deciding the way to express my views. So here I come up with some facts that would help in clearing these kinds of questions that come to our mind.

If we ask people which method you like for presenting your work. Most of you will go for presenting the content as video because it is more attractive and consumes less time than actually writing the content. Apart from this in vlogging or video content, you need to face the camera and overcome the fear of putting yourself right there in the public. Not everyone is comfortable in making videos all the time and likewise but everyone is comfortable watching videos all the time.

Youtube is the second largest search engine which means that Google text is still the first. Earlier people used to search and read the how-to guide, step by step guide, and interviews but now the mode of consuming the same content has changed. People now prefer watching them.

So here it is very important to distinguish between the content that is fit for blogging and what is best for presenting it in the video. If your content revolves around listicles, facts, statistics, quotes, cartoons, images, case studies based on links then blogging is the best way you should go forward. But if your content bucket has interviews, product reviews, how to do a certain thing, step by step tutorials, cooking, travel and others then presenting the content via video is the best platform that would give justice to your content.

So be smart. Instead of being everywhere, be at a platform that would give you great results. So, now it is totally up to you whether you choose writing content or to make a video to present the information. The only thing that makes difference is that the information that you are trying to give to others is correctly reaching large masses.

As blogging and presenting video content are two ways to earn money online. If you find both the ways suitable then go ahead. But remember one thing try to create content that attracts the audience and not for the sake of creating it because if you just create content that is not attracting audience then it would be a mere waste of time.

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