Vivaldi Browser : New addition to android browser

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Vivaldi browser, developed by Jon Von Tetzchner (co-founder and former CEO of Opera) now available on Google Play Store.

Vivaldi, launched for desktop in 6 April 2016, is fully-featured and highly customizable web browser based on Chromium. Vivaldi is also privacy focused web browser unlike Google Chrome and it also applies for mobile. Vivaldi for Android is in beta version but there are no major bugs in our 3 days usage and testing. Vivaldi have many unique features which is also available in android and it will be familiar to current desktop Vivaldi users. It is available for android version 5 or up. They are also working on tablet UI as per reports.

Vivaldi have different type of user base with respect to other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser.

Have a look at Vivaldi browser features

easy to use bookmarking

simple navigation

fully customizable


switch search engine on the fly

search engine nickname


privacy focused internet access



Should We use Vivaldi on Mobile?

We must give Vivaldi a try as there are many features available!

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