Wix vs WordPress | Which is best?

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Wix vs WordPress | Which is best?

Wix vs WordPress is never an easy option if you are an amateur in building websites. We are talking about two very big names here; Wix has recently gained the status of high tide, while WordPress already powers 37% of the websites live today. They both are very promising platforms, but way different from each other. In this thread, we will discuss Wix vs WordPress to learn which is the better pick for you.

Wix is a website builder, simple to use, and requires less technical expertise. While WordPress is a dynamic content management system (CMS) that is more flexible and requires technical know-how. Here we have used a cocktail of the salient features to review key areas of inspection.


Both of them permit you to create websites with no drive for a high skill set.

Wix offers an all-in-one tool to create websites ideal for amateurs and non-coders. It helps you create simple yet professional websites in a jiffy. You can drag and drop just about anything on your web pages, as it is a WYSIWYG interface.

WordPress is a flexible platform to edit just about anything you wish for, but it demands some coding know-how to do that. You can always hire a skilled developer to work it out, but it may prove to be extra pricey.

Wix is by far the champ here as you can instantly build your first website with no installation of plugins. On the contrary, WordPress calls to learn the basics first and then install the plugins to use.

Design and Layout

Everybody seeks for an irresistible design that is both user-oriented and makes your brand stand-out from the hive of websites.

Wix comes with fully responsive designs to customize your site structure, modify the layout, and replace items as you want. It suits every class of website that fits your business needs, personal branding, or eCommerce.

WordPress Solution comes with thousands of free and chargeable themes that have more features and customization options. Not only that, but you can also make use of plugins stores to extra customize the themes.

WordPress is the heavyweight here with a large base of themes and designable layouts to customize as many times as you want.

Tool costs

A plausible budget is what every site owner looks for to develop and run a website.

Wix gives free user access for a basic website but is limited to the use of custom domain names for your web face(site). Plus, the basic plan limits your access to eCommerce, Google Analytics, and Favicons.

WordPress asks for a domain name and a webserver to enjoy the installation. It offers both free themes and plugins to reduce your cost. But it shoots up for a premium version.

Wix comes at a minimal cost of $12.50 monthly plan, while WordPress is an open-source platform with paid themes and plugins.

Ensure that your choice is driven by what you need for your site. That will grant you better options within a limited budget.

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